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    Using the 'modern' header with the 'spaces' theme?

    Really liking gocentral apart from this one issue. What I want is to be able to use the 'modern' style header but with the 'spaces' theme. Is this possible?

    I realize that I could use the modern theme and then just change fonts and colours but what I really need is the action buttons from the spaces theme as I much prefer those to the solid action buttons.

    This is my website www.twbespoke.co.uk at the moment I have it set to the spaces theme, but really need the header from the modern theme.

    If anybody even remotely understood any of that then any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Unfortunately GoCentral work do that kind of mashup of templates @Tomtom1984. You're on the right track though when you mention mimicking what you like from one template into another. You won't be able to duplicate the exact look but certainly text could be the same. I hope that helps? 


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