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    V7 to GoCentral change

    I would like to find a theme that somewhat resembles my current website. What criteria do I use to choose a theme in GC? I am only given about a dozen to pick from and they all look the same.


    Any advice on moving from V7 to GC?


    One is not really moving from V7 since nothing in V7 can be copied to GC?


    I am pretty comfortable with V7 and hate the thought of losing all the work that is in the current website. How does one protect themselves from that happening again? 


    Thank you.

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    Re: V7 to GoCentral change

    Unfortunately there is no real 1 to 1 kind of a migration @LionsWeb16 but you certainly can copy/paste comment from your old V7 to GC. My suggestion is that you go with the Dame look and feel. Use the same colors, logos, pictures... If your navigation was on the top in V7 then select a GC theme with navigation on the top. Keep your same menu items, footers, banners, buttons and move them over. 


    The good news is you already have the difficult content part done. The rest is just a literal button click away. I hope that helps? 


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