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    Warnings appeared with unknown reason

    Hello members!


    The warnings may be seen at


    and in all similar payment options found at the payment table at the bottom of


    and in 2 return landing pages after Paypal payment is made.


    No site changes have been uploaded since around 2 years.


    Someone can help?...Take into account that I’m not a webmaster and my knowledge is very poor.


    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Warnings appeared with unknown reason

    Following my above post is good to advice you that around a month ago I got a Hosting Account Upgrading email from Godaddy informing me that the IP address was changed to




    Re: Warnings appeared with unknown reason

    The folder /home/content/95/4054295/tmp is missing.


    Sometimes it doesn't get created if you get migrated to a new plan. If you turn on SSH you can login with sFTP to get access to the full path to recreate the folder. Otherwise call hosting support, they'd be happy to fix the problem for you.


    Re: Warnings appeared with unknown reason

    Thanks BenWTF for your quick reply 


    I've never seen that folder within the webroot before but I do have seen a tmp folder.


    Anyway I don’t know how recreate folders and how to use sFTP.


    Since Godaddy assigned a new IP to my account I even don’t have access to the files with FTP.


    The problem is also on the after payment return landing pages



    Due fire on Santa Barbara I’m not able to make any phone calls now. As you’re an employee can you drive this issue to the appropriate person to fix it?








    Re: Warnings appeared with unknown reason

    Good morning BenWTF


    I’ve hosted the site VictorianEraLovers.com with Godaddy since its creation 12 years ago.


    About a month and half since Godaddy upgrade my hosting account and assigned a new IP ( I’m not able to connect it via FTP. I’ve changed the password with no results.


    The sites also display error messages in all 12 payment pages of the pay folder ( eg file left_3m.php: http://victorianeralovers.com/pay/left_3m.php )


    Besides the same warnings are being displayed at the return after-pay pages ( files payment.php and payment1.php that are in the webroot.


    This can cause that no payments are made for interesting people.


    I need your direct help…Thanks.


    Re: Warnings appeared with unknown reason

    I just have a chat with Raymond and he fixed the problem in one minute.


    Any way thank you BenWTF for your reply!