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    Web Site for Google Domain

    Sorry for a novice question.

    I have company email set up with a domain I set up with Google (G-Suite). I now need a web site using the exact same domain name.

    How and through whom can I set this up? Who would be the "host"? What actions would I need to take in my G-Suite account for this domain?

    Thank you!

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    Helper V
    Helper V

    Re: Web Site for Google Domain



    For G-Suite, your domain is using MX records...

    For Web Hosting, add NS records to GoDaddy or point A record...

    I would be happy to help you get started, if you would like...

    The process is not complicated, just a few configurations...


    Looking forward to hear from you




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support www.x.co/247support