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    Website Builder - Multiple Galleries & Protection

    Having tried many sites including Squarespace and WIX, I find that Go Daddy's Website builder is easily as usable as those Website Builder sites however, there are a few niggles. Chiefly it boils down to add on apps or the lack of functionality in those apps. For e.g. I am a photographer and as like many photographers I also like to upload and show my images. Website Builder has a gallery app but it is very limited and lacks the ability to have more than one gallery contained within it. Also, in that gallery there is no provision for right click protecting your images and they are just freely available to all that accesses the site.


    Come on Go-Daddy, make a decent gallery app that photographers can utilise and protect those images, give us right click protection.


    For those who are thinking that you can screenshot an image anyway, yes you can but, access to the full file gives many more options than a low quality screen grab.




    Dave Sumner  

    Imagistic Photography
    The best pictures always present themselves the minute you put your camera away.
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    I like your suggestions on expanding gallery options but I'll advise against disabling right-click as there are other reasons a visitor may do so. For an image to display on a visitors screen the full file has already been downloaded to their computer and there are several ways to access that file. As there is no way around this it is a good idea to watermark the images. At a minimum with your web address and copyright information, or more can be done to make it less desirable to use the file inappropriately.

    Hi Nate,


    Thank you for your response to my enquiry and I think that the gallery idea would take that app to the next level and make us photographers happier.


    With regards to the right click, this seems to be a bone of contention on a lot of sites, I walked away from Squarespace because as you have, they argued against it. WIX had this option but, I walked away from them for other reasons. I realise that the images have been downloaded and I know people can screenshot an image but, I suspect you are looking at the issue from a developers point of view whereas most viewers would not have that mindset and the right click disable option is a deterrent and nothing more. Much like having window locks on your house, just a deterrent because a burglar can just break the glass.


    Personally, I would be a lot happier if I was given the choice to disable right click because I do not want to watermark my images as that is as easy to remove as it isn't worth the bother. Besides, I want to show my images correctly not have a watermark slapped across the middle.


    Hope you understand.

    Imagistic Photography
    The best pictures always present themselves the minute you put your camera away.
    Product Team

    Thanks for your feedback @VacuBlaster! Can you give me more details on "more than one gallery contained within it"? Do you mean a photo album setting? Noted on right click disabled feature. We currently dont have this on our roadmap but we will revisit this later part of the year. Thanks!

    Hi @YunK,

    As it is now, you have a gallery and it has one page with up to 250 pictures in it which can be arranged as required. However, imagine someone coming along to look for a particular image, say a landscape. They have to look through up to 250 images to find it.


    What I would like to propose is that you have a gallery page and within that page are individual galleries such as Landscapes, portrait, photojournalism etc. so particular types of image can be placed in each gallery and that way anyone looking for an image will be able to go to the correct gallery. I would think that two levels deep would work brilliantly so, you could have a Wildlife folder on the Image page and inside that folder you might have galleries of say birds, Big Cats or Monkeys etc.


    Here is an example of my clubs gallery https://waverleycc.smugmug.com/ yes, it is a dedicated gallery website and I wasn't expecting anything as complicated as this but, if you click on the folder icons such as Monthly Competitions you will see within are the years then within those are the galleries, this is what I meant by galleries within pages.


    So the hierachy would be 'Page/Folders/galleries'


    Hope this helps



    Imagistic Photography
    The best pictures always present themselves the minute you put your camera away.