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    What to buy

    Hi Everybody


    I have currently been trialling the Website Builder and am ready to make a purchase but need advice on exactly which package to purchase.


    I want to have a number of domains (domain names already in existance but not registered with GoDaddy) to be hosted and built be Website Builder. None are stores or involve ecommerce.


    Do I purchase a Deluxe Hosting package and Personal Website Builder package and buy new domain names?


    Can my existing domain names be transferred or pointed at whatever sites I create with Website Builder?


    Is it better to just purchase Personal Website Builder packages for each site? Is this possible?


    Any advice greatly appreciated - treat me as a total newbie !!




    Praveen many thanks for your advice

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    Helper V



    I think it will be advisable to buy Linux Deluxe Web Hosting because you get a powerful control panel and can also operate many domains on that package...
    All of your existing domains can be pointed to your GoDaddy Web Server!, just update the Name Servers to GoDaddy Name Servers...
    I don't advise you to buy Website Builder because you have many domains and you will also spend more money...

    Hope this helps


    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support www.x.co/247support

    Praveen many thanks for your advice

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