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    Why are my visitors seeing a warning when they come to my site?

    the live chat is offline, so I'm asking here. 


    why are visitors to my site getting a warning that this might be a malicious website.


    is this that net neutrality thing or


    is it because i have an online form without ssl?


    do i need an ssl now if so how much will it cost to have my site behaving 'normally'. because as it stands, whats the point in having a portal that is warned against....better off without a site all together, if thats the case.


    thank you guys for your time and effort, and i hope its not a stupid question.

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    Re: what are my visitors seeing, whys there a warning

    I'm assuming you're talking about a big red warning coming up for visitors before they can see your page. Correct me if I'm wrong. Usually this is because your site has been compromised in some way.


    You don't necessarily need an SSL. They're a good idea but won't fix this problem.


    GoDaddy's $6.99 a month website security product will allow you to open tickets to get your site cleaned and then get your listing causing the security warning corrected.