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    WordPress blog images incorrect

    I just added a link to my WordPress blog to my new GoCentral website. For some reason it is not showing the main image form my blog post, but it showing other images from the blog page. I cannot seem to find a way to correct this. I've tried removing the whole thing and starting over, but got the same results. Any suggestions?

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    Do you have a Featured Image designated for all posts?  When in the post editor > right sidebar > Featured Image.


    If a Featured Image is not specifically designated and uploaded for a post, that's when an image from within the post will display.


    HTH! 😉

    "Broken crayons still color." Anon

    Yes, each post has a featured image selected.


    Here is my blog site: https://kenwillarddotorg.wordpress.com


    And here is my website: https://l4t.org/


    Thanks for your help!



    All the images are showing except for one:




    Double-check that you do have a Featured Image uploaded for that specific post.  If you do, try removing it and re-uploading and see if that makes a difference.


    If it were a WordPress issue, none would be showing. However it is only that one post and that tells me something makes that post different than the others.  😉

    "Broken crayons still color." Anon

    There are images showing, but none of them are my featured images. They are all the wrong image.


    My WordPress blog site shows a featured image for each post. But when I link that to my new website, the featured images are all missing.