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    subscribe section + coupon + email campaign = how?

    Ok - in the subscribe section, you have options to offer a coupon to customers for joining your mailing list.  You can also set the discount amount for the coupon.

    When testing this functionality, I received the subscription email, replied (confirmed) and saw where that email was added to the membership list.  So that all works.

    However, no further email (post confirmation) was received; my expectations were that the subscribe section was a complete ecosystem and that I'd receive the coupon once sign-up confirmation was completed.  However, I never received the coupon email.

    I called support and had a great conversation where I learned that you have to create an email marketing campaign.

    Then we had the discussion about how the email is created and distributed.  The goDaddy rep told me that you'd create an email campaign and there was a setting/option that tells the campaign manager that the email will be sent (once, I presume) to all users.  So when a new user joins (I'm still confused over what the online store considers a user.  Is it someone who's joined the mailing list, or someone that created an account or both?) they're supposed to receive any email for all users until the email expiry or the coupon limit has been reached.

    There is pretty-much zero documentation for this subscribe-coupon.  As a back-end dev, I'm wondering why the goDaddy devs never finished linking these components to an email campaign forcing you to populate and complete the campaign completing the process.  Instead, it's left as a gaping hole mainly because, I think, of the order in which these support objects are created.

    My question, primarily, then is there any documentation on the submit-coupon process?  The existing help, judging from the number of questions here, just doesn't meet requirements.   Can anyone confirm the process I've described above or provide any battle-scarred advice?  (I'm going to to try to test all these components this weekend but was looking for some expert input...)

    Thanks for any help!


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    Re: subscribe section + coupon + email campaign = how?



    I can definitely see the conflict here. There is an article on how to use coupons and one on how to use the email marketing, but not one that connects the two in any meaningful way like you describe. I knew this but I'm also really familiar with the product so I never considered it being an issue. Might be time they added another help article. @ProductInsights 

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    Re: subscribe section + coupon + email campaign = how?

    So I tested the functionality of linking campaigns to coupons, hopefully to get this working off the subscribe section and, after another call to tech support, I can say that this functionality is so broken it doesn't even exist.


    • There is no way to link a campaign to a coupon code
    • You cannot set a one-use-per-customer coupon code 
    • The coupon settings that appears in the subscribe section are only eye-candy as it links to nothing and nothing can be linked back to it.

    So, if anyone does know how to make the subscribe-coupon thingy work, I'd sure love to hear how...





    Re: subscribe section + coupon + email campaign = how?

    Ok - I  think I have this figured out now... after a third call to support... 


    The subscribe section will allow you to put a coupon code in the text block of the response message that replaces the form controls when the user hits submit.  You have to manually type the coupon code.  The user will never receive a coupon code via email once they've confirmed - that was just my assumption based on best-practices.  Actually, the process of generating a single-use coupon code should be part of the flow in the subscribe section...

    Which brings us to the well-known issue of not being able to create a 1-time use per customer coupon.  I'm not the only person complaining about this -- there are several reports here and the support rep told me he saw several duplicate tickets in their tracking system.  Someone at goDaddy should go kick the PM in his break-time and get them to hustle this feature out...

    There's also nothing that explicitly allows you to link-back to a coupon code in a campaign email other than the manual method of typing the code somewhere into the text of the email.  This would have use for "first 100 users..." kind of thing.

    Also asked the support rep to add some feature functionality under the subscriber tab -- I want to see when the user joined the mailing list, the coupon code they received and when they received it, and when (if) they redeemed the coupon for a follow-up campaign email.  

    And, in the general spirit of sharing, I was told that the whole customers - members - subscribers is actively being worked and, while currently feature starved, to not worry about it too much as change is coming.  (when I asked the diff between a customer and a member...)


    thanks for listening...



    tl;dr:  subscribe section coupon code is presented (manually) in the thank-you text box in the same section once the user's entered their email.