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    vNext woes and questions

    Hi guys


    Long term GoDaddy user here. Set up a few sites for family and friends and always advocated using their Website Builder for cost effective, quick and professional site designs.


    Went to sign up another friend yesterday for 2 years and found that the WebSite Builder functionality has changed dramatically - now we have vNext!


    To cut to the chase, my questions are as follows

    1) Is it possible to change this new Website Builder account from vNext to Business Website Builder v7?


    2) If not, and I'm stuck with vNext, how do I change the theme - i.e. pick another from the gallery presented at setup?


    I've looked everywhere including FAQs but can't find a way to do it. I also tried calling GoDaddy but not keen on the 43 minute wait, and chat is offline, so... looking to the community now for some help to try and save face with my friend!!




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    Re: vNext woes and questions

    1. Yes, you should be able to call support and downgrade to Website Builder 7. This is not recommended, however, as GoCentral (previously vNext) is designed to build sites that look great on any device size. Roughly 60% of traffic that goes to Website Builder 7 and GoCentral sites come from mobile devices, and GoCentral builds websites optimized for these use cases. Website Builder 7, while it builds a mobile layout, is not designed to handle all of the different device sizes that have proliferated over the last few years.


    2. GoCentral does away with the concept of "themes" in favor of "styles" and "layouts". Whereas in Website Builder 7, you chose a theme and were stuck with it (indeed, if you decided to change your theme, you would be starting over), GoCentral is designed to allow you to change the look of your site, any time you want, without losing your content. To do this, click the "Theme" button at the top of the edit menu, and you can change colors and fonts. To change the layout of the different sections of your site, go to "Edit" mode and click one of the sections, followed by the "Layout" button, and then choose one of the styles. Viola! A new theme, without losing your content. You can mix and match any combination of layouts in each section of the site.

    Re: vNext woes and questions

    Wow - what a comprehensive and quick response. Thank you scommisso!

    Re: vNext woes and questions

    Hello guys,

    Well for me I'm new with Godaddy's hosting solution and only recently hosted two sites with it. I used the vNext to build my website but would now like to change the layout completely. So I decided to redesign it with Dreamwever and would like to upload my files to replace the vNext created site. The representative I chatted with was not helpful but I'm hoping someone on this forum could advise.


    Thanks in advance.




    Re: vNext woes and questions

    "...change colors and fonts. To change the layout of the different sections of your site, go to "Edit" mode and click one of the sections, followed by the "Layout" button..."


    I had to delete and repurchase my whole site to get all the other website options available.


    The whole reason I bought the website builder was so it would design the entire site for me. I want to be able to change the entire look and feel of the website all at once, not piecemeal. Eye-balling it, trying to figure out what font good with what image, and what kind of layout to use, isn't my strong suit. Now I might risk bad design and change a map style or something, so I want that functionality too, but there should be both options.


    Dear GoDaddy, we would like to be able to:

    1. Change the look and feel of our site by going all the way back to Step One AND

    2. Change the look and feel of our site by changing a layout individually. 

    “What stands in the way becomes the way.”