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    I am new but not so new

    I am new to this community but not new to GoDaddy.


    Many years ago I participated in a community for programmers. I was the first to get 10,000 posts and probably more than 99% were efforts to help other programmers. So I began saving things that I had written and I put them into a web site. When I began with GoDaddy I was using Front Page Express and PHP.


    I did not know at the time that Front Page Extensions was going away. GoDaddy was offering two versions of IIS and the older version supported Front Page Extensions. I would have to use FTP for the newer version. I was not sure which one to choose. I called GoDaddy and asked if I could do programming (use Visual Studio) using FTP and the newer version. GoDaddy customer support could not help so I went with the older version.


    Later PHP stopped working. My web pages were still using PHP. I called GoDaddy and they said that Windows does not support PHP. Well their site says otherwise but I converted all my pages to HTML.


    Well all that is in the past but I am saying that I have been disappointed that GoDaddy does not make an effort to get answers to questions like that.


    The GoDaddy support people have always been good and eager to help but not always the best at solving problems. Probably a forum here in this community would have been more helpful. I did not know about this community until today.


    I have been programming for many years but virtually no web site programming. I have gotten serious about web site programming. I have converted my web site to use ASP.Net somewhat. The newer Windows hosting plans offer something called Web Deploy that I am eager to use to upload my new web site but my hosting plan must be changed to do that. So that is what I have been doing the past few days.


    Changing the hosting plan has been very frustrating. I do not know how much of the problems are my fault. I suspect that Plesk is relatively new for GoDaddy and they have been having problems with it. Under the circumstances I hope the problems I have been having will help GoDaddy get things working better for others in the future.


    The main problem I have been having is that my domains are registered with Google. I have been told different things for what to do. The nameserver that GoDaddy's email message said to use, all the live customer support people said do not use. Some said that I must change the A record. The problem is that ti takes time for things to propogate so it is difficult to know if it is done correctly.


    Finally today a customer support person made more of an effort to solve the problems. I was serious when I said I was seriously considering switching to Microsoft. When he was unable to solve the problems (such as create a DNS Zone File) he created a ticket and it was the first time a ticket was created for me. I won't get into details, but as I said, I think GoDaddy has some issues they need to solve and I hope I have gotten them to look at them more seriously.


    Thank you for reading all this. I did not intend to write so much here but it just came out.


    I hope to do more ASP.Net programming soon and write more articles and maybe sell some products. I hope to be able to even install DNN.

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    That was a lot to read but that's okay, plus I'm not the one to complain about long posts.


    I find that GoDaddy support works best when they can see and access your entire environment. I know the frustration of trying to get settings correct while having to wait, that has never been fun. Additionally I find that GoDaddy support has a vast variety of experience going from reading a script to running their own servers with years of experience. Sometimes it may not be worth trying to explain your issue over and over because there is probably a support specialist that knows about your exact issue. Quite often the biggest task in getting the proper support is just finding the right person and sometimes that means a couple of phone calls.


    On another note, happy to have you here @SamHobbs. It sounds like you will have a lot to offer to the Community and hopefully we can all offer a bit to you as well. I hope that your issue gets sorted soon.

    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

    Community Manager

    Hey @SamHobbs

    Welcome!! Glad you found us. Sounds like you have amazing community experience so we're happy to have you here with us. Sorry to hear that you've had some frustrating experiences. I think @rd's advice is good. We're looking forward to seeing more posts from you. You obviously have a lot to share and I'm sure others in the Community would really appreciate hearing from you. 


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    Hi Sam


    I have just signed up and want to use web deploy to host my ASP.NET web forms apps.


    Unfortunately, I signed up with a Linux account and want to convert it to Windows (plesk).


    Is there an easy way to do it at this stage?





    Simon, I suggest you create a new question in the appropriate category to ask how to convert from Windows to Linux. In that question provide more details of what you need. Specifically, do you have existing content that needs to be converted? If so then what tool(s) did you use to create that content?


    I was unsuccessful with Web Deploy in GoDaddy. It worked the first time with each website but then it did not work after that. Web Deploy works great with Azure and there is at least one other hosting provider that Web Deploy works great with so I know the problem is not me.


    GoDaddy previously had a forum here for developers but they seem to have removed that. GoDaddy seems to be not making much effort to support developers.


    If you want to learn how to do things the way that the real professionals do things then you need to also learn about Git. The professionals use Git (such as in GitHub) to store source code and related content. GoDaddy does not support Git.


    Thanks for this information.