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    Hello from a New Member

    Hi everyone


    I am totally new to website building and only have the basics knowledge of IT. Expect a lot of random questions from myself. I have bought a domain and now currently trying to build a website, First i want to get customers to connect with each other and be able to create their own profiles and be part of a small community. All i have right now is my domain, an email address and a very shoddy front page. I would like to add more pages and content but not sire of what i will be adding. My site is not published yet as i do not think it has anything to look at as of yet. What advice would you guys give to a noobe?

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    Hello @kellyh5291,


    Welcome to the forum Cat Happy

    Best advice? Sign up to or if you are needing to learn stuff, lastly just jump in here, the water is lovely...............


    Couple of useful facts: Support numbers:


    Live chat: Arizona local time 5am - 7pm Mon to Fri, available most countries.



    Regards  aka @rammsteinium



    I'm in the same boat. 

    Just got my domain and site up. Trying to learn how to increase traffic to my site!


    Just learning how to "Facebook" (is that a verb?).

    Anyway, any and all help would be appreciated!

    My website is


    Come visit and let me know what you think!




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    Hi @DocS,


    Welcome to the forum. Yes Facebook (to facebook) is a verb Cat Happy


    Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 18.24.46.png