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    Interior and Exterior Painting - irishpainter

    Hi everyone, my name is Ron Begley, and I just got my new website at Godaddy. I'm so very excited, now that I have built a website I need suggestions on what to do next. I'm not to savy on the internet, however I'm willing to learn how to baby step my way through. So, painting is what I do, but that's not who I am. I'm a man of God, saved by His Son Jesus, and I love God and people, I have always wanted to serve God and now He has given me a way to do just that. "Through Painting " to help people with there projects inside their homes. I'm a new company, I work clean, on time and in your budget, willing to serve. 

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    Community Manager

    Hi @irishpainter. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! You should definitely be able to find some suggestions on improving your website here on the forums. To get the best result, I'd suggest finding a board that is relevant to how you built your site (WordPress, GoCentral Website Builder, etc.) and sharing a link to your site there. 




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