How to Rank My Hindi Blog in Google

Hey, I have recently registered my Domain from GoDaddy. My Domain is . I decided to post all the content in the Hindi Language. I have already created some Posts. but I want someone to help me to  Rank in Google with my Hindi Keyword.

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Ranking for one word is pretty difficult if not impossible.   Do a search for that word and get an idea of how many sites are already out there ranking for that term.  That's what you are up against.


You really want to target 2-3 word phrases (or more called long tail) which is a more targeted approach.  A basic general guideline is:


=> Use that phrase in your permalink.

=> Use that phrase in the post title.

=> Use that phrase in the first and last paragraphs.

=> Sprinkle the phrase throughout the article--  where it makes sense to do so.

=> Use variations and plurals of the phrase throughout the post.


And most importantly write for the site visitor -- not search engines.  If you read your post out loud and it doesn't flow or sounds repetitive because your are stuffing your content with the same target phase -- you need to step back and do some pruning.


Now that's not the end-all-be-all -- just a guide.  Technical SEO like speed and security (https) come into play as well.   So make sure your site is zippy and secure too.


Google in particular uses as a guideline something called: E-A-T.   Expertise, Authority, Trust.  You have to make sure that your site reflects you have expertise in your field, that you are an authority on the topic and that you are trustworthy.   So, how do you do that?


Google actually has published their Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines [PDF] that you can read and apply.    As I tell my clients:


Your mission if you choose to accept it; is to be the most relevant, trusted, highest quality site for the terms you want to rank for.


HTH! 😉


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First of all, you need to do all the designing and development part of your website. Once you completed with the same then only you can start with On-page and off-page optimization part.

As you have mentioned the Hindi website you have to add the important keywords in meta title and in meta keywords so that it will rank well in Google SERP. Moreover, you can add all the pages in Google webmasters including homepage so that you will get a good result for your website.