Unable to change domain contact info because previous email went bankrupt!

We have a domain we purchased long time ago, and still has the previous contact info on it.

We are trying to update it, but it sends email to both new and old emails. Problem is that the old email does not exist anymore!


Thus, we cannot change the contact info in Godaddy! I am not sure this follows the ICANN regulations in the United States. - Will surely check.

We've contacted Godaddy and it seems as if they have zero clue about what to do about this issue.

We purchase this domain legally and we have it under our Godaddy account for more than a year.


This is outrageous!

I will migrate all my (other) domains out of Godaddy.

You should too


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You certainly have the right to register where you choose, but what you are describing IS the ICANN policy (for all registrars). The contact information must be kept current or a registrant risks losing the domain to an Invalid WHOIS.


To this end, there are several ways to make the update. They include the account holder making it via the account holder's email address. If the email address on the account is the unusable one, it can be updated in the account settings or worst-case through changeupdate.com


The update request can be terminated and restarted through Support if the account holder's email was not up-to-date when it was initiated.


Other options, if you are the registrant and don't have account access, is to claim the domain to an account of your own through the link above and update it yourself. A more radical approach is to declare the WHOIS invalid yourself on the WHOIS page (not recommended, due to the risk).


I used to sit among the staff that did dozens of these a day, so, be assured there IS somebody on staff that knows how to assist you (and anyone else that needs it). Access them through 24/7 Support.

I hope that helps,

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