403 Forbidden Error Message When Trying to Access Folder

In the past I have built Apache web servers which allowed a user to put in the name of the folder as the url in their web browser and then get a directory listing of the files in that folder which they can click on to either view of download. When I setup my account with godaddy I was assured I would be able to do this. So I uploaded a bunch of jpg files and then tried to access them over the net. But I keep hitting 403 Forbidden error messages. The tech support at either godaddy or c-Panel are of no help. Apparently I would need an .htaccess file with a password file else where to do this....apparently but all attempts at this fail. There is no htpasswd file to run when I ssh into my server either.


So my question is is there anyway to just be able to have a client visit the url on my site and without having to login with username and/or password just get this directory and download the files they want? Or did the sales people at godaddy sell me a promise they can't keep?