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Bug/Issue - GoCentral - HTML-iframe code in MS Edge browser

All, this is to inform you that I have submitted an official feedback forum with the HTML feature especially with using iframe code NOT working correctly in Microsoft Edge browser due to how GoDaddy GoCentral implements the code. Please click here to vote for this request. 


Here is my write up for that feedback if you don't want to click the link above:


Bug/issue with iframe option in GoCentral when rendering pages in Microsoft Edge. As of right now, this does not occur in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


When you use the built-in inspect element in Microsoft Edge, the iframe code generated is causing issues with the iframe to be displayed. For this example, we will use, 


The original code that renders uses a iframe id, using a srcdoc that is causing issues. See screenshot here,


NOTE, in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome the original code that is rendered is completely different but doesn't cause any issue. See screenshot here,


Now, lucky in the F12 debugger mode in Microsoft Edge, you have an option to right click on that element to an Edit as HTML. If you delete the original iframe code that is rendered from GoCentral and just copy/paste iframe that you copy into the GoCentral component, you don't have any issues. See screenshot here,


I respectfully request the GoDaddy GoCentral dev team to look into this issue. I see several people posting this same issue in the GoDaddy Community page as well.


Your help in this matter is much appreciated!

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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