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My website has been up and down recently and keeps timing out.. i need help!


This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


Helper I

Photos won't load on photos page, but website loads now

Has it been slowing down from 9-5pm?


It’s hasn’t been restricted from 9 to 5. It’s been all hours of the day,
even really late at night.

I was also trying to update some data in the database and couldn’t access
that either (would time-out).

Any ideas what was going on?



Hi @shuleycup,


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An external test of your URL shows a number of improvements suggested in the content of your website that will enhance the speed. They is unrelated to the web server itself, but completely in your control. The same may be said for @kebeeshopee if you wish to review your website. Please check the results here and click on the arrows to the right for action items. There are caching, image optimization, and javascript issues that can be addressed when convenient. Most of the errors are know for slowing your website, as well as causing 503 resource errors and timeouts.





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very bad hosting i am also facing this issue