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I am getting this error a lot. Please visit My Site.

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Hi @alimohsinzaidi


PLEASE @alimohsinzaidi don't post an issue with "Security" in the title, then ask someone to visit your site with a nondescript link 'My Site' in it, expecting folk to click on it!! There is absolutely no excuse or reason to have not simply put your site domain name there. Where we could have typed it in a separate browser window, if we wanted. But 'My Site' could go anywhere!


To be fair it could be ok. But it actually takes more effort to cover up the link, than not.

Folk wonder why their computers and sites get hacked.

Please just place your domain name as a link, thank you. We want to help folk, but we don't want to encourage dangerous practice, or see those who rushed to help, come right back to me or others "for help"


Thank you, I hope this doesn't seem harsh. I hope it makes sense.