Hi, I have experienced the same problem a number of times!


You need to go to cpanel and select phpmyadmin you should get a message that the system will redirect you in a moment. When phpmyadmin opens you need to look at the left hand menu and click on the database you want, look down the dropdown list and select wp_users. This then opens the right hand menu, select the edit on admin user when this opens look for the user_pass click on the dropdown menu and select MD5 now look to the right hand side where you will see a selection of numbers letters etc this is your password in an encripted form.


Select and highlight this and delete, then type in the password you want ie jamieblogs2016. Now go to the bottom of the page where you should see Save and then go back to previous page, click on go and you will see that the code in your password has changed. Now close the browser window to go back to cpanel and log out.


Now go to your wordpress admin page and login to admin with your new password jamieblogs2016

Job Done.


If you feel its a bit much to take in, get back to me at rackedhost@yahoo.com.


Kind Regards


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