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Source: https://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/page-jumps/ 


Create a Page Jump

The two parts of a page jump are the target text and the link.
When the link is clicked, it will bring your visitors to the place in the page where the target text exists.

Before you can create the target text, you’ll need to switch to the Text Editor. To do this, select the tab labeled as either “Text” or “HTML” directly above the right side of the editing area.

The target text is written like this:

<p id="unique-identifier">I am the target text.</p>

The text above which says id="unique-identifier" acts as a label for your target text.

Note: Make sure you have no spaces in your IDs, since that can cause problems in older browsers. Also, be sure to use a different ID for each target that you create.


One way to link to your target is to select some text, and then use the insert/edit link button. In the URL field there, enter the # symbol, followed by the name of the target’s ID like this:

image of unique identifier link settings

Notice how the #unique-identifier in the ‘Click me!’ link matches the ID of the target text from earlier. If you wanted to write this link yourself using the Text Editor, it would look like this:

<a href="#unique-identifier">Click me!</a>

Note: You can repeat this process to create additional page jumps. Just be sure to use a different ID for each target/link pair. IDs can be anything you want, such as "groovy" or "awesome".


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