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Customize your reseller storefront branding

Step 3 of the Basic and Pro Reseller get started series

All Reseller accounts come with pre-built, fully functional storefronts. But, with a little customization, yours can stand out. Choose your favorite color palette and font and use your own logo to strengthen your branding.

Change your mind… or just want to change things up? You can always come back and redesign your look whenever you’d like.

  1. Select Edit & Publish. This opens a new Branding tab where you can start designing your look.

    Note: To customize your storefront outside of the reseller storefront setup wizard, go to Reseller Control Center then Storefront, and then Branding.

    Storefront Branding Button
  2. Adjust your color and font to personalize the look of your storefront. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a preview of how your palettes will look together.
    • Color Palette: Choose your color scheme from the examples in the drop-down menu. Each palette displays 4 complementary colors. Select colors that are close to your company brand, or just a color scheme that speaks to you.
    • Font Palette: Choose a font from the drop-down menu. We offer an easy-to-read, yet diverse selection of fonts to provide a unique look for your Reseller Storefront. (Visitors from certain markets will see a fallback font to ensure character availability.)
  3. Upload a Desktop Logo, Mobile Logo and/or a Hero image to your storefront. These aren’t required, but they’re a good idea. Your logo is your company signature – and your status as a reseller for GoDaddy is an important step for your business.
    • Compatible file formats: SVG, PNG, JPEG or GIF
    • Size limits: 250 KB (Mobile), 500 KB (Desktop), 2 MB (Hero)
    • Review the Storefront, and then Branding page for additional image requirements and information.

    Note: Don’t have a logo yet? No problem – you can leave this blank for now and the logo area will just display your company name. If you need some help, we can work with you to create a logo that matches your preferences, business and style.

  4. When you’re happy with your design, select Save. Close the Branding window to return to the setup wizard.

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