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Run a message trace in the Exchange admin center

A message trace will show email sent into, out of, and within an email organization, which means you can track what happens to all emails involving your users and if they were successfully delivered.

  1. Sign in to the Exchange admin center. Use your Microsoft 365 email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
  2. Select Mail flow > Message trace.
    select mail flow and then select message trace
  3. Select + Start a trace. The message trace page will open.
  4. Filter messages by senders or recipients:
    • To find messages sent by a user, select or enter their email address under Senders.
    • To find messages sent to a user, select or enter their email address under Recipients.
    • enter or select senders and recipients
  5. Under Time range, use the slider to select a time range of up to 10 days.
    use the slider to select time range of up to 10 days
  6. Under Report type, select Summary report.
    select summary report
  7. To run the report, select Search. The Message trace search results will open.

Next to each message, you can verify its delivery status, including Delivered, Failed, Pending, and Filtered as spam.

  • Delivered: The message was successfully delivered to the intended destination.
  • Pending: The message is being attempted or re-attempted to be delivered. The status might be unknown.
  • Quarantined: The message was quarantined. This might happen if it’s been identified as spam, bulk, or phishing.
  • Filtered as spam: The message was identified as spam and was rejected or blocked (but not quarantined).

Related step

  • After running a message trace, view the details of each message to see what happened to it.

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