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Use the enhanced checkout for WooCommerce stores

Use the new WooCommerce checkout experience to completely override the default, WooCommerce checkout page in your stores. This single page is easy to customize and provides customers with the option to update their cart, login, and complete their purchase.

Some of the improvements the enhanced checkout offers:

  • Faster load time - instantly load the checkout from the product page checkout button.
  • Mobile first design – ensure a best-in-class mobile checkout experience.
  • Conversion focused – designed to focus your customers on one thing, completing the checkout.
  • Your branding – add your logo and colors.

The enhanced checkout is compatible with:

Note: Enhanced Checkout is not compatible with WooCommerce Payments.

About the enhanced checkout

Mobile and desktop users will appreciate the enhanced checkout's opinionated design. The checkout fields can be customized, and colors and branding can be added, but there is no further customization. You cannot add CSS or PHP code to the checkout as it is a standalone application.

The enhanced checkout offers a smooth checkout process. Overall, if you need a great deal of customization, then we don't recommend using the enhanced checkout. However, the following third-party plugins are supported and offer substantial options for customization:

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