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Troubleshooting GoDaddy Payments - Apple Pay

If you have trouble connecting or using your GoDaddy Payments account and Apple Pay integration, the steps below can help you resolve those issues:

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GoDaddy Payments and Apple Pay integration isn't connected

It's possible that after enabling GoDaddy Payments and Apple Pay, and completing the configuration process, the payment method isn't connected. Use the following steps to check if that's the case.

  1. Go to WooCommerce and select Settings.
  2. Select the Payments tab and refer to the Payment Methods section.
  3. For the connection to work, the status next to the GoDaddy Payments payment method should be "Connected."
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GoDaddy Payments payout isn't available

If your payment method is connected and you've received orders but still haven't received a payout, make sure to check if you've received any email messages from the GoDaddy Payments to your email inbox associated with your account. It's possible that there's information missing from your account that cause the suspension of deposits to your bank account.

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WooCommerce orders are failing

If you're seeing failed orders in the WooCommerce Orders page of your shop, make sure to check the Notes on the right side of the page. For failed orders, there is usually a justification provided on what caused the failure which may help resolve the issue.

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Enable the debug mode for GoDaddy Payments and place a test order

If you need more information to troubleshoot this issue, you can enable the Debug Log feature for your payment method. This will log all relevant logs for both GoDaddy Payments and Apple Pay, which you can then use to troubleshoot this or forward to the Care team to expedite the process.

  1. Go to WooCommerce and select Settings.
  2. From the Payments tab, select the gateway, and change the Debug Mode setting to "Save to Log."
  3. Try running another test transaction.
  4. Go to WooCommerce and select Status.
  5. From the Logs tab, locate the log from your transaction.
    Note: The log may be in UTC/GMT time, so it may be offset by a few hours.
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Contact the Care team

If none of the above work, contact our Care team by placing a Help Request from the Get Help page on the top of your WordPress site's admin menu.

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