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What is GoDaddy Payments?

Note: Currently, GoDaddy Payments is only available to businesses based in the U.S. and Canada.

GoDaddy Payments is a payment gateway that enables your business to accept any major credit or debit cards. Connect GoDaddy Payments to your existing Managed WordPress or Websites + Marketing websites or use it on its own to accept payment from your customers.

  • Collect payments online by connecting GoDaddy Payments to your website or online store or create Online Pay Links to collect payments via social media, email, or texts.
  • If you sell in person, collect payments with a GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal. (Learn more about available devices.)
  • Collect payments without a physical card or hardware with Virtual Terminal.

Setup is quick, pricing is simple and fair, and you can get paid as fast as the next business day. Use the Dashboard to manage your online business and see how it’s performing at a quick glance.

Most GoDaddy accounts come with GoDaddy Payments enabled, so you can quickly begin accepting payments through Online Pay Links, Virtual Terminal or your online store. To have your funds directly deposited into your bank account, simply provide your business and bank account info to complete the setup process. Learn how to sign up.

From your Dashboard, you can:

  • Use the Sales Summary to get a breakdown of how your business performs over certain periods of time, and identify trends and plan for them accordingly.
  • View your transactions, and issue refunds or manage chargebacks.
  • Manage your payments and orders from a single dashboard.
  • Set your Close of Day (giving you quicker access to your funds) and customize your business contact information.
  • Use Payouts and Reports to reconcile funds deposited in your bank account.
  • Use Virtual Terminal to accept payments without a physical card or hardware.
  • Create and share Online Pay Links to collect payment even when you don’t have a website.

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