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Which printers and accessories can I use with the GoDaddy smart terminal?

Connect external accessories like printers and cash drawers to customize the way you use your GoDaddy smart terminal and manage your business. Your smart terminal can connect to a variety of peripherals using USB, Bluetooth or network connections.

Many USB, Bluetooth and network-connected accessories are compatible with the smart terminal. The following accessories have been specifically certified to work with the smart terminal. If you have an issue with a product not listed below, and we are unable to resolve the issue for you, we may direct you to contact the company that made your accessory for assistance.

You can purchase accessories for your smart terminal through the Payment Tools page.

Note: Different versions of the smart terminal may be compatible with different accessories. If you’re not sure which smart terminal you have, check the images to verify. The GoDaddy Smart Terminal Flex is not compatible with USB or Bluetooth connections.

The Smart Terminal has a built-in receipt printer that uses standard 2.25” x 28’ (V2.0) or 2.25” x 50’ (V3.0, Flex) receipt paper rolls. You can also connect an external printer.

VendorModelConnect ViaWorks with
BrotherQL 800 (sticky label printer)USB & Easy Labels appGoDaddy Smart Terminal
EpsonTM-m30USBGoDaddy Smart Terminal
EpsonTMT20IIUSBGoDaddy Smart Terminal
QSPrinterQS-5806BluetoothGoDaddy Smart Terminal
Starmpop*BluetoothGoDaddy Smart Terminal
StarSP-700*EthernetGoDaddy Smart Terminal
Smart Terminal Flex
StarTSP 100Network (LAN)GoDaddy Smart Terminal
Smart Terminal Flex
StarTSP 100 EcoUSBGoDaddy Smart Terminal
StarTSP 100III -1*USBGoDaddy Smart Terminal
StarTSP650II*USBGoDaddy Smart Terminal
Star MicronicsTSP 143111UNetwork (LAN)GoDaddy Smart Terminal
Smart Terminal Flex

* Includes chained cash drawer support

VendorModelConnect ViaWorks with
APGVasario VB554A-BL1616USBGoDaddy Smart Terminal
MS37965560 CableGoDaddy Smart Terminal
SOLUXSX-CD-100-RJCableGoDaddy Smart Terminal
Smart Terminal Flex (connect via Star SP-700 printer)
StarSMD23-1317CableGoDaddy Smart Terminal
VendorModelConnect ViaWorks with
GoDaddy Smart Terminal
GoDaddy Smart Terminal

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