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Edit Advanced Email Security spam settings

The Advanced Email Security add-on provides additional spam settings, which you can change at any time. These include spam sensitivity level and help with bulk or suspected phishing emails.

  1. Sign in to Advanced Email Security. Use your Microsoft 365 email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
  2. Under Security Settings, select Email, and then Spam Settings. (If you're not an admin, under Administration, select Spam Settings.)
  3. Make your desired selections for the options displayed on the page (Options only available to admins are labeled "Admin only"):
    Spam SensitivityDefault level is 7. The lower the number, the more sensitive, and the more spam that gets stopped. The higher the number, the less sensitive.
    Quarantine release policy (Admin only)Choose whether all users or only admins can release quarantined mail.
    Quarantine email suspected of being phish (Admin only)Stops any email that the system thinks is a phishing attempt and trying to steal personal information. If you choose to quarantine suspected phishing emails, you must decide if you want to Require admin to release phish emails.
    Required admin to release phish emails (Admin only)Sends all email suspected to be phishing to the admin's quarantine, which can be released by the admin for users.
    Quarantine bulk emailStops any email that's identified as bulk email, including messages from email marketing services or any other senders known to send bulk emails.
    Spam stamp & forward subject tagMarks the email as spam in the subject line, but will still deliver to the intended recipient. You can set what shows in the subject line using Spam stamp & forward subject tag.
    Include an easy-spam-reporting disclaimer in passed emailAdds a footer at the end of all incoming email stating that it was scanned for spam and viruses. It also includes spam reporting, which allows users to report any emails incorrectly classified as spam.
    Inbound domain spoofing protection (Recommended; admin only)Automatically quarantines inbound emails where the "from" or "sender" fields include your company domain, and weren't sent from approved locations in your SPF record.
    Backscatter prevention (Recommended)Stops backscatter bouncebacks from delivering.
    Inbound sender DNS check (Admin only)Checks incoming emails for a proper email domain record. If the sending domain isn't set up to receive emails, the email won't get through. This helps prevent spam that originates from unapproved domains.
    Update spam detection settings above for all existing user accounts (Admin only)All of the above settings are applied to all of your users, regardless of their personal spam settings.
  4. When you’re finished making changes, select Save.

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