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Cookie usage

Google Analytics tracks user behavior using cookies. You may be required to inform users that your site places these cookies, depending on your jurisdiction. A plugin for cookie consent may be useful for this.


It's your responsibility to ensure that your site and the data processors you use are compliant with GDPR and abide by the PECRs and that you have a lawful basis for data processing, as collecting this information makes you a data controller. If customer data is anonymized so that no personal customer data is used in your site analytics, this data is not subject to the GPDR. As such, you should ensure that your Google Analytics account is configured accordingly.

Q: Can I connect my site to new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties?
A: Yes! Our native integration of Google Analytics now supports GA4 properties. You can get started by clicking here.

Q: Are reports for Shopping Behavior Analysis and Checkout Behavior Analysis supported?
A: Yes! Please check out our details on tracking funnels for more information on these reports.

Q: I'm very interested in conversion rates, will this information be available?
A: Managed WordPress Ecommerce and Managed WooCommerce Stores will give Google Analytics the data it needs to calculate your site's conversion rate. Conversion rate tracking is even more accurate since it doesn't require purchases to end up on the "thank you" page in order to be tracked, so orders using any payment method are tracked as conversions.

Google has more details on enhanced eCommerce reporting.

Q: Does this support WooCommerce Bookings?
A: Yes, though you should be aware of how the workflows function in Bookings. It's the orders that are tracked for completion and not the booking itself. As such, to make sure a booking shows as a completed purchase, you'll want to adjust the order status for a booking order, which will also change the booking, rather than changing the booking status itself. This will come up most frequently when you require approval or confirmation for bookings, because changing the booking itself will not update the related order.

Q: Is order currency tracked?
A: Yep! This will track order currency. Please note that Google Analytics does not allow displaying totals in multiple currencies; it will convert each transaction to your global currency (from your account settings) each day when a different currency code is sent.

Q: Why does "" show up as a referring source for my site? This is messing up my tracking for where orders come from!
A: This is because Google Analytics tracks the most recent site someone visited for conversions. If a customer made payment via PayPal and visited that site and then was redirected back to your shop, this will track PayPal as the referrer.

Q: When is a purchase considered "completed"?
A: To make sure that all purchases are appropriately tracked, Google Analytics will rely on the order status to indicate the financial status of the order. This means that any order that's marked as Processing or Completed will have the Completed purchase event tracked in Google Analytics.

Q: I'm using Google Tag Manager and it looks like all my reporting is doubled! What should I do?
A: By default, Google Tag Manager adds its own Google Analytics to your site's pages. To avoid duplicate reporting, you'll need to remove the Google Analytics portion of the code from your Tag Manager implementation.

Q: Can I use Google Tag Manager (GTM) with this?
A: Yes, you can use Google Tag Manager alongside our Google Analytics feature. As noted above, however, this can lead to duplicated tracking, as Google Analytics will track all of the regular page impressions as well as the eCommerce related impressions ("viewed product", "started checkout" etc.) automatically. You'll want to ensure that you remove the other implementation of Google Analytics. This can be done by removing that tag manager script, or removing the Google Analytics tag from your Tag Manager implementation.

Q: I'm not seeing tracking data in Google Analytics.
A: It can take up to 24 hours for data to populate. If it has been over 24 hours, please reach out to your support team under the Get Help dashboard in your site's WordPress Admin.

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