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Passwords in Linux Hosting

You might need to know two or three different passwords and usernames for your Linux Hosting account. That's a lot! It's definitely better for keeping your account and website secure, but not so easy to manage. Here are a few important things to know about those passwords.

Your GoDaddy account password and cPanel password aren't the same thing

You set up a GoDaddy username and password when you set up your account with us, and you use them when you sign in to your GoDaddy account to get to your account Dashboard.

When we set up your Linux Hosting account (also known as "provisioning"), we generate a cPanel username and password so we can set up cPanel for your account. You can't change that cPanel username, and we don't show you that password for security reasons.

You should change your cPanel password before you start using your account

Right after you set up your account, it's a good idea to change your cPanel password to something you know before you start using the account. For example, if you know that password you can sign in directly to cPanel Admin without going through your account Dashboard.

Your cPanel username and password are exactly the same as your primary FTP username and password

If you're going to use FTP to move website files into your account, your FTP app will ask for a username and password. That's where to use your cPanel username and password - they're the same thing.

Or if your web designer/developer is going to move those files using FTP, then you need to give them the username and password to access your account. The best way to do this is to add another FTP user to the account so you can specify a totally different username and password for that user. Then you can give those credentials to your web developer instead of "your" credentials.

Your WordPress username and password should be unique to WordPress

Whether you installed WordPress during provisioning or later with Installatron, you're asked to specify a WordPress username and password. You could make these the same as your account or cPanel credentials... but we don't recommend that. To keep your account and website secure, your WordPress username and password should be unique, and not the same as any other username or password.

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