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View message trace details

After you run a message trace in the Exchange admin center, you can see all emails involving your users. View the details of each individual message to find out what happened to it.

Required: If you haven’t already, follow the instructions to run a message trace, and then come back to this article.
  1. Make sure you’re on the Message trace search results page.
  2. To view the details of a message, select it from the list. The message trace details will open.
    message trace search results
  3. Expand Message events to see what happened to the message.
    • For outbound messages, you can see events up until it left the Microsoft system (an event called Send external).
    • For inbound messages, you can see events after it entered the Microsoft system, like when the message was delivered to an inbox, moved to another folder, or deleted.
    message trace details

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