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What are WooCommerce Order Statuses?

Each order in your store will have an order status assigned to it to inform you of where it's at in the fulfillment processes. This article explains each order status within WooCommerce.

What do the statuses mean?


When an order is submitted by a customer, it will first appear in your orders list with a status of Pending. This status indicates that the order has been received, but no payment has been collected.


The Processing status indicates that payment has been received; the stock will be reduced, though steps still remain for the order to be fulfilled. If an order contains only products which are both Virtual and Downloadable, it will skip the Processing status.


When payment has been received and all steps in the fulfillment process are complete, then an order is considered Completed

On Hold

The On Hold status applies to orders which are awaiting further confirmation for payment to be received, but the inventory stock has already been reduced.


If payment has been attempted and failed due to being declined or needing further authentication, the Failed order status applies.


You can cancel an order (or allow your customers to do so). When an order is Canceled, the inventory stock will be increased to what it was before the order was placed.


This Refunded status indicates that the order was refunded and no further fulfillment steps are necessary.

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