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What is Alipay?

Alipay is a very popular payment option in Asia. It's a payment option that works like many other "eWallet" services, where you can add payment methods (cards or bank accounts) to your Alipay account, and can then process orders using them.

Alipay is supported in many APAC countries and currencies. You'll see the Alipay option in the cart when it's available. If you don't see the Alipay icon, the billing country and currency selected doesn't support Alipay.

Please see Payment Methods We Accept for Purchases to find a list of countries and currencies where we support Alipay.

Next step

  • Because it works differently than many other payment methods, we recommend referencing Alipay's website to make sure you understand its processes. For more information, visit

    Note: You might not be able to access Alipay's website depending on your geographical location.

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