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Working with option and choice limits

Your store can have up to three options for each product, and up to 100 choices for your entire store. This improves your store's online performance since it's easier for customers to buy products when they aren't overwhelmed by a long list of choices.

Note: What's the difference between a product option and a choice?
comparing options and choices
Size is a single product option; Small, Medium and Large are choices.

While most store owners never exceed the 100 choices limit, there are workarounds that still provide customers a clear way to find the choices they want.

Option 1: Use the description
Create general product options rather than specific ones. For example, don't include the dimensions for every Small, Medium and Large choice you create. Instead, include those details in the product Description like these pillow dimensions.
add option details in Description

Option 2: Use separate option choices
Create separate Options for a product. For example, instead of Small Single, Small 2-pack, Medium Single, Medium 2-pack, you could use Size and Multi-Packs as separate pillow options, which gives customers more choices.
create different types of options

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