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Can I access my projects across devices?

Project Sync allows you to access, edit, save and export your projects across your phones, tablets and desktop computers. This means all your designs are available on the GoDaddy Studio app on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as on the web.

Here are some common questions about project syncing:

How do I edit across my phone, tablet and web devices?

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to the same GoDaddy Studio account on all your devices.
  2. Create and save a project on your mobile device or computer. You should see the project you created in the projects feed on all your devices.

    Note: If it takes a while to load, try refreshing your browser or mobile app.

  3. Open and edit the project. You'll see the updates across all your devices.

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Can I change my Project Sync settings?

Yes, in the GoDaddy Studio mobile app you can choose to sync on Wi-Fi only or on both Wi-Fi and mobile connections.

To do this, follow the steps for changing Project Sync settings.

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Will multi-page projects work across my devices?

Yes, multi-page projects will automatically sync across your devices.

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Will video projects work across my devices?

Yes, video projects will automatically sync across your devices.

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Will projects containing fonts I've uploaded work across my devices?

Yes, if you've uploaded your own font, projects using these fonts will be available in Studio on iOS, Android and the web.

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Will my projects sync if I'm offline?

You will not be able to sync or delete your work while you’re offline, but you can still create new projects and edit existing projects. Your work will sync once you’re online again.

You'll need internet connectivity for the following features:

  • Signing in to GoDaddy Studio
  • Starting a project from a template
  • Adding new stock images or videos
  • Adding new graphics
  • Using a font you haven’t already downloaded
  • Creating new folders
  • Opening Discover stories on the iOS app

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Why are my projects taking long to upload?

Internet connection speed plays a part in the upload speed, as does the number and size of images you’re using in your projects. As such, some projects might take more time to sync.

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How do I access GoDaddy Studio?

To use GoDaddy Studio in your web browser, visit

To download and use the GoDaddy Studio mobile app, find it in the Apple app store or the Google Play Store, or use your mobile phone to scan the QR code.
open or download the app

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