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Change a user's email address in the WordPress database

You can update your WordPress email address in the database, which can help if you can't receive the password reset email.

Warning: Always make a backup of your site before troubleshooting or making any changes.
  1. Sign in to phpMyAdmin.
  2. In phpMyAdmin, on the left menu, select the name of the database your site uses.
  3. Select the wp_users table (select the text, not the checkbox).

    Note: wp_ is the default database table prefix. If your table prefix isn't wp_, focus on finding _users. There should only be one _users table.

  4. Next to the user you want to update, select Edit.
  5. In the Value column, delete the contents of the user_email box and replace it with the new email address.
  6. Select Go to apply the change.

Reload the WordPress login page in a browser, and request the password reset link again to receive it to the new email address.

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