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CloudLinux migration FAQ

Warning: If you’re experiencing issues with email not working properly after the migration, review these common issues for the solution.

CloudLinux is the operating system that powers your Linux Hosting plan. It's designed to enhance the efficiency, stability, and security of your web hosting environment. Throughout 2024, Linux Hosting customers will be migrated from CloudLinux 6 to CloudLinux 8.

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Why is my hosting account being migrated?

CloudLinux 8 comes with advanced security, improved resource management, updated software, and better integration with new technologies. We're always looking for ways to improve our platform and technology. To provide these benefits, we need to migrate your hosting account to a new server.

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What can I expect from the migration process?

To ensure the smoothest possible experience, we’ll take care of moving everything for you. We'll send you an email before your migration begins.

When all your data is moved and we’re ready to make the switch from CloudLinux 6 to CloudLinux 8, you may experience brief downtime. But we’ll do our best to keep any downtime to a minimum.

We’ll then send you an email when your migration is complete.

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Do I need to update my DNS?

For many customers, updating DNS won't be required.

Some customers (such as those using firewalls or CDNs) may need to update DNS. If you're required to change DNS, you'll receive a separate communication with your new DNS details after the migration is complete.

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When is the migration happening?

Migrations will be occurring throughout 2024. Email notifications will be sent out before your migration.

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Can I reschedule my migration?

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate requests to reschedule individual migrations.

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Will my cost or renewal date change because of this migration?

No. Your cost and renewal date won't change because of this migration.

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My email doesn't work after the migration. How can I fix that?

If your email stopped working after your site finished migrating, it's likely caused by uncommon email routing settings or a changed hostname, and your email client has the wrong information.

To fix these issues:

  • Email routing settings — Follow the steps in this article to toggle Email Routing from Automatically Detect Configuration to Local Mail Exchanger or your preferred exchanger based on where your email is being hosted.
  • Hostname changed — Follow the steps in this article to update your email client with the correct hostname.

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