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How can I use PayPal Standard with WooCommerce Subscriptions?

Get started accepting subscription payments with PayPal Standard by configuring your PayPal IPN.

Please be aware that WooCommerce Subscriptions offers the following payment methods from PayPal:

  • PayPal Standard (default): allows you to get started selling Subscriptions, once it’s configured, but you should be aware of its limitations. A PayPal business account is required to use PayPal Standard.
  • PayPal Reference Transactions via Checkout: With PayPal Reference Transactions, you can use the advanced features of Subscriptions. You will need to complete an underwritten application that is subject to approval. The PayPal Reference Transactions FAQ guide will provide you with more information, including how to contact a PayPal representative to get started.
  • Required: WooCommerce Subscriptions is a premium WooCommerce extension included with WordPress Ecommerce Hosting or as a standalone purchase.

    Configure your PayPal IPN

    Managing recurring payments and subscription status changes requires a PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification), which can be setup via your PayPal account.

    For more details on how to setup your IPN, checkout the PayPal Standard - PayPal IPN URL guide.

    IPN and multiple websites

    Your PayPal IPN can only be used to sell Subscriptions on one website, as PayPal only allows one IPN to be generated per PayPal account.

    Alternatively, if you have multiple websites on which you would like to sell Subscriptions there are many other payment gateways that will support this.

    Note: If you run into a problem with your IPN not working properly and you have a maintenance mode plugin active, try deactivating the plugin. Maintenance mode plugins redirect a site’s traffic, which will even block the traffic coming from PayPal.

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