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New RBI regulations on auto-renewal billing agreements in India

Last updated: March 28, 2023

On October 1, 2021, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) introduced new regulations that require businesses to re-collect and register a customer’s permission to auto-renew their products.

Our systems are ready! You can complete a purchase while selecting to enable autorenew; or, if you have renewing products, add your card by logging into your GoDaddy Payment Methods page, turn on auto-renew, and link the card to the renewing products.

I selected to auto-renew when I made the initial purchase. Why is my product set to manual renew?

Due to the RBI regulation, we have not been able to support auto-renewals, and therefore products were set to manually renew.

Note: We will be notifying impacted customers via email and SMS. Impacted customers include any customer with a stored card containing a billing address in India with a preferred currency of INR.

What steps do I need to take to set up auto-renewal?

For new purchases, just select the checkbox to auto-renew all products in your order:
select auto-renew at checkout

If you already have existing products, you can add your card via the Payment Methods page. Then, navigate to the Renewals & Billing page, turn on auto-renew and link the card to the products you want to renew.

  • When you visit your Payment Methods page, your card may be marked as Non-recurring:
    non-recurring card
    If the card you want to use is marked as non-recurring, go to your Payment Methods page and follow these steps to add the same card again. This should remove the non-recurring label from the card. If this does not remove the non-recurring label, your issuing bank may not support recurring payments. Contact your issuing bank for more information.
Note: Auto-renewals are supported only for MasterCard and Visa, with American Express support coming soon. RuPay and debit cards are not supported for auto-renewals.

What steps do I need to take to allow the auto-renewal?

GoDaddy will notify your card issuer at least 24 hours before we charge the recurring payment. Your card issuer may reach out to you to gain consent for this auto-renewal. Please reach out to your card issuer to learn more about the process to consent for auto-renewal.

Please note, when you receive notification of an auto-renewal over ₹15,000, your issuing bank will prompt you to complete an additional authentication step. To protect your products, please complete this step within 24 hours. Otherwise, your bank might decline our attempts to charge your card.

How do I manually submit payment for a subscription?

Learn how to manually renew your products.

Who can I contact with questions?

Reach out to our GoDaddy Guides at 040 67607600.

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