What's it gonna take to put you in a new .car today?

For millions of us, driving is an everyday part of life. Now, with the release of .car, there's an unbeatable web address for everything related to cars -- from dealerships and mechanics to auto magazines and blogs. For websites dedicated to cars and driving, a .car domain provides a perfect platform to share your four-wheeled passion with the world.

With over a billion cars on the road, the auto industry is a massive global business. And there are almost as many car business sectors as there are parts of a car. Whether your business is auto manufacturing, sales, leasing, rentals, repairs, parts or accessories, a dot car domain is the best place for customers to find you online.

A domain for every type of driver.

Cars are more than just mechanical marvels that take us from point A to B. They are expressions of personal style, and what you drive can say a lot about who you are. There are Ford fans, and there are Chevy lovers. There are people who prefer the compact efficiency of a VW Bug, and then there are Hummer drivers.

Car connoisseurs of every stripe follow their auto interests on the web. Go online and you’ll find specialty clubs and forums that cater to every imaginable type of car lover, from Italian sports car aficionados to classic muscle car fanatics. Whatever sort of driver your website serves, a .car domain is a great way to reach them.

0 to 60 in the click of a mouse.

Dot car is also an excellent choice for online publishers who are focused on cars. If you already have (or dream of launching) your own auto blog, online magazine or car review site, this winning extension is a short, simple way to tell readers what to expect before they even reach your site. What better way to say your site is about?

Dot car domains can be registered by any website focused on automotive content. That means they’re open to everything from dealers, rental agencies and car-share companies to blogs, forums and message boards.

If your website fits the bill, register .car and hit the open road today.

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