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Ready, set, .fun!

Gifs, memes, jokes and cat videos: the things we truly love about the web are those moments that give us a chuckle. Now, there’s a simple three-letter domain that gets people all giddy just looking at it. With .fun, folks know your site’s a stop on the sunny side of the web — and so much more.

Put your brand of .fun at the front of the line.

When you search “fun” on Google, you get almost 4.5 billion hits. If you want your site to stand out, register .fun so visitors know they’re in for a merry time from the get-go. Of course, a .fun domain isn’t just for videos or images or games or those personality quizzes that tell you what Lord of the Rings character you are. It’s for whatever ideas, products or content you post that leans into lightness.

Register a .fun domain today and make the web a sweeter place.

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