Cure what ails them.

When feeling sick, many of us turn to the web for help, even before we turn to a doctor. Now, with the release of .medical, there’s a healthy new domain extension that makes getting better a whole lot easier. Whether you’re a physician, pharmacist or healthcare group webmaster, dot medical provides a trusted web address that tells patients you’re here to help.

There’s no shortage of medical information online. Unfortunately, a lot of it is hopelessly out of date or just plain wrong. A .medical domain shows web users that your site is a credible, reliable source for health knowledge. From illness guides and symptom checkers to medical dictionaries and research resources, dot medical assures users that your expertise is to be trusted.

Online support forums are also useful for discussing medical issues and learn more about your health. If you’re faced with an illness, you can join an online community to talk with people who are dealing with similar health issues. Or your can visit an “Ask a Doctor” forum to get a professional’s opinion. Whatever type of health support forum you operate, a .medical domain is the right prescription.

There’s no waiting room at .medical.

The rise of “patient portals” -- web-based applications that allow users to communicate directly with their healthcare providers -- has revolutionized the relationship between patients and doctors. A .medical domain makes an ideal web address for any sort of patient portal app. Whether a user wants to request a prescription refill, access medical records, pay bills, review lab results or schedule an appointment, dot medical is the best place to do it.

When accessing medical information online, patients need to know that they can trust the source. A dot medical address instantly tells visitors that they’re on the right site to manage appointments, view test results and submit billing inquiries.

Make your website a .medical center.

The release of .medical creates a new digital hub for the entire medical community -- from individual doctors and other medical pros to pharmacy chains and major hospitals. Whatever part of the medical field you operate in, dot medical provides a trusted address that allows web users to make better decisions about their health.

Don’t lose patients. Register your .medical domain today.

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