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Now that you've settled into your new online home, take a breather and then explore some of the exciting ways you can grow your site.

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Design your site on the go with our mobile app

The GoDaddy app, available in both Android and iOS, lets you build, manage and update your website from your phone or tablet. You're also able to manage your online store orders, appointment bookings, blog posts and social media posts all in one place.

Take a picture or video with your phone? Upload that too.

You can even set up text notifications so you receive a message when someone purchases a product.

Create stunning images

Content Creator, powered by GoDaddy Studio, makes visual content creation easy, whether on your computer, tablet or phone.

Start from a blank canvas or a template. We have thousands of choices for logos, event promotion, product imagery, social media and more. And it connects to your uploaded images and stock photos to create just the look you want without hiring a graphic designer.

Find Content Creator in Websites + Marketing or Digital Marketing Suite under the Marketing tab or through the GoDaddy Studio mobile app (Android and iOS).

Then create an image for social media or your website and try it out for yourself.

Schedule all your social media posts

Social media is a constant conversation, and being connected to social media is important.

When you create a social media post, you add image and text and then have a choice to post on one or more social media sites: Facebook, or Google Business Profile. You can post now or schedule your post for later.

It's possible to set down one day a week (or month) and schedule all of your social media for all of your channels in one sitting. Then you can just let it run while you focus on other things.

If you have a store, try creating a shoppable Instagram post or shoppable Facebook post to promote your products.

Connecting to social media also allows you to add reviews to your site.

Upload your own videos

GoDaddy and Vimeo have partnered together so you can upload your own videos right into your Websites + Marketing site.

At any time, you can create a new Vimeo account (included free with your Websites + Marketing site), or you can connect to an existing Vimeo account. Once you connect, you'll be able to upload up to 10 videos per day, up to 500 MB per week or up to a total of 5 GB, whichever comes first. You can also edit or configure your video player settings.

Try adding a video to your website header or add a video to a section.

Let customers sign up for their own online appointments

Online Appointments are a great way to have customers schedule time with you and your staff at a time that's convenient for everyone. Schedule at your business, at a location set by the customer, an online/virtual meeting, or any other location you wish.

First, you'll create your service, whether it's an appointment or an event. For appointments, you'll want to sync with your personal calendar to prevent double-booking. If you want to be paid online, set up payment options, and perhaps add staff members.

After your services are created, then add an online appointment section to your website so people can see what you have to offer and sign up.

If necessary, change an online appointment or event location.

Connect your online store to Marketplaces to sell on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Google and more

Selling your physical products on your own site gives you the most direct control. Selling your products on other sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Google Shopping gives you the most exposure to customers. Why not do both?

When you connect to Marketplaces, you manage your listings and inventory from one location: your online store.

Even if you sell digital products, you can still create coupons and product categories (including adding a Featured Product section to your website).

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