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What is it?

Think of monitoring and scanning as your website’s digital security guards. Monitoring sits outside and looks at the traffic coming from your site. It’ll sound an alarm when there’s something wrong with the traffic or when your site goes down and the traffic stops entirely. Scanning sends traffic at your web server and sees if it responds in a way it shouldn’t. It’s effectively yelling, “Is there any malware in there?” and listening for a, “Yes!” It’s a simple trick that a surprising amount of malware falls for.

Why do I need it?

You need to know when your site is down or is under attack. Monitoring and scanning software lets you know when there’s something wrong so you can quickly fix it.

What do I need to do?

It depends on the type of website you have. Select your product and see what resources are available for it.

Websites + Marketing

You already have it and it’s already configured for you.

All other websites

Subscribe to a reputable monitoring and scanning service. For monitors sold by other companies, follow their instructions for activation and configuration. For GoDaddy Website Security, we make it easy:

     Activate the product and tell it which domain you want it to protect.

That’s it! Your site will be monitored and scanned while you focus on building your business. If we do find something wrong, we'll email you help you solve the problem.

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