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Move my Microsoft 365 organization to another GoDaddy account

Our GoDaddy Guides can help you move your Microsoft 365 organization — the group of mailboxes you own, usually on the same domain — from one GoDaddy account to another at no charge.

When you complete the steps and are ready to submit a request to move your organization (or need help at any point), reach out to our GoDaddy Guides.

Note: The source account is the GoDaddy account where your organization currently exists, and the destination account is the GoDaddy account where you'd like to move your organization.
  1. Make sure you have access to both the source and destination accounts. A Guide will validate your ownership of each account. They'll ask you for each account’s customer number and, if applicable, the 2-step verification method.
  2. Confirm that the destination account's address on the My Profile page and the Payment Methods page for its primary payment are in the same region as the source account's.
    • The region of your email organization is inherited from your source account's address. If the regions do not match, contact one of our Guides to review your options.
  3. Verify that the email plans in the source account do not expire within the next 5 days. If they do, renew your plans for a 1-month term.
  4. In the destination account, buy Microsoft 365 plans and add-ons that match the plans in the organization of the source account. If you need help verifying which plans you need to buy, contact one of our Guides.

    Example: If the source account has 2 users set up on Business Professional plans and 1 on an Email Plus plan with the Email Backup add-on, you'll need the same plans with the same add-ons in the destination account.

    • If a mailbox in the source account is a Starter Email or Free Trial plan, you'll need to contact one of our Guides for help adding it to your destination account.
  5. If your organization owns Advanced Email Security, check if the destination account has a different organization that also owns Advanced Email Security. If so, both organizations must use the same version of Advanced Email Security.

    Example: We cannot move an organization using Advanced Email Security from Proofpoint into an account with an organization using Advanced Email Security powered by INKY.

  6. (Optional) Delete any mailboxes in the source account that you do not want in the destination account. You can create a backup of any mailbox data that you'd like to keep.

When you're ready to start the move, contact our GoDaddy Guides. When we finish moving your organization, we'll send a message to the email address in the destination account. It could take up to 5 days.

Note: We cannot combine or split organizations or make changes to email plans (such as upgrades or adding or removing add-ons) as part of the move.

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