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What are linked domains in an organization?

In Microsoft 365, organizations are used to connect groups of people that are part of the same business or are working on related projects. When you link domain names together, they become part of the same organization. Users from the same organization can share contacts, calendars and files, even if their emails are attached to different domain names.

When you create an email address in your Email & Office Dashboard, you’re also creating an organization. When you create another email address with a different domain name, you can link the domains together and make them part of the same organization. If you don't link the domains, then any email addresses with the new domain will be part of a new, separate organization.

Here's an example:

  1. Jane creates the email
  2. Jane wants to create a second email for her employee, Paul, called
  3. While creating the email address, she decides to link the domains.

Now, and are linked and part of the same organization. This means that Jane and Paul can share contacts, files and calendars.

Related step

  • If you have multiple domains and users set up, you’ll see the option to link domains when you add user email accounts.

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