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Manually renew my products or services

Manually renew your products at any time, even if they're set to auto-renew.

Note: Products auto-renew for the same length of time as their most recent manual renewal, instead of their original registration length. This also applies to domains that are manually renewed after July 16, 2020. For example, if a domain is manually renewed after July 16, 2020 for a three-year term, it will auto-renew for the same three-year term when the time comes. For full details, see our Domain Name Registration Agreement.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy Renewals & Billing page. You might be prompted to sign in.
  2. Next to the product you want to renew, select the checkbox.
    select check box
  3. At the top of the page, select Add to Cart.
    select add to cart
    • Renewing a subscription with multiple products will apply to all products in the subscription. The products can’t be individually renewed.
  4. Complete your purchase.

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