Pro Sites

Easily manage multiple websites with our free tools.

  • Handle hours of website maintenance with just a few clicks
  • Works with all web hosting companies – free
  • Included with GoDaddy’s free Pro tools
Spend less time managing, more building.
Update all your sites from one place.
Tired of logging into dozens of control panels every day? With Pro Sites you can access all your WordPress websites from a single dashboard. Apply core, theme or plugin updates to all your websites simultaneously. Even ignore or deactivate updates in bulk.
Get the credit you deserve with client reports.
Show clients that you’re managing their site like a champ. Our free reporting feature allows you to easily provide every client with an executive summary of their site, so they know that it’s running great – and that they have you to thank for it.

Get more control with select add-ons.


Learn how Pro Sites can help you save time
managing multiple websites.

Join the free GoDaddy Pro program and you'll get…

One dashboard for all your GoDaddy client products.
With Pro Clients, you can manage all your clients’ GoDaddy products from one dashboard. Shop for them from inside their account or quickly send a list of GoDaddy products for them to buy.
Deep discounts and a global referral directory.
Pro Rewards give you 30% off all new GoDaddy purchases. You’ll also receive up to 10% in-store credit on every purchase+. Attract new clients with a profile on Pro Connect1 referral platform.

Frequently asked questions

How does Pro Sites fit into GoDaddy Pro?

GoDaddy Pro encompasses a family of tools that includes Pro Sites, Pro Clients and Pro Rewards. Pro Sites makes it easy for you to update and manage all your WordPress websites quickly and from a single dashboard.

What features in Pro Sites are free and which are paid?

Pros can use the dashboard to perform free bulk updates, reporting and basic maintenance for as many WordPress sites as needed, whether they’re hosted at GoDaddy or somewhere else.

Paid services include:

  • Cloud backups
  • Cloning
  • Migration
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Branded reports
  • Automated security checks

GoDaddy hosted sites get backups, cloning, migration and uptime monitoring at no charge.

How are premium services priced and billed?

For sites not hosted at GoDaddy, you can buy cloud backups, cloning, migration, uptime monitoring, performance monitoring, branded reports and automated security checks a la carte for ₱48.55-97.09/per site, per month. Cloud backups, cloning, migration and uptime monitoring are provided free to sites hosted with GoDaddy.

Is it secure to expose my WordPress credentials for all my sites?

Pro Sites asks you for each website's usernames and passwords only once – when you're adding a website. The username and password are used to automatically install and activate the Pro Sites Worker plugin, and they are not stored (we use encrypted communication with the Worker plugin to manage your website). If you're concerned about security, simply install and activate the Pro Sites Worker plugin on your own right before you add it to your Pro Sites dashboard.

What if I already have a Pro Sites account?

If you use the same email and account credentials to set up your Pro Sites, we will automatically link your existing account to our dashboard and your data will come over. This will give you access to additional GoDaddy pro tools such as Pro Clients and Pro Rewards.

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