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.fr Domain Names

Engage the French with .fr.

Available now! Starting at



Show your national pride.

Known around the world for its exquisite food and haute couture, France is a country everyone dreams of. If your business is located here – or caters to French residents or tourists – a .fr domain name is the perfect choice for your website. This domain offers distinctively French web addresses to a variety of businesses and groups:

  • Restaurants, cafes & bistros
  • Fashion houses & boutiques
  • French publishers, filmmakers & realtors
  • Information technology firms
  • Aerospace companies
  • Auto & motorcycle dealerships
  • Construction & manufacturing
  • Social action groups

Whether you run a gift shop in Paris or a bistro in Provence, .fr is the place to promote your business online.

Romance millions of web shoppers.

With an estimated 29 million French shoppers buying on the web, the next best thing to a shop on the Avenue des Champs Elysées is a .fr website. This domain name increases your credibility among potential customers who are more likely to trust a website that bears this uniquely French name.

Mobile shopping is particularly big here, with over two-thirds of smartphone or tablet owners making at least one purchase a month. Their purchases include:

  • Clothing & footwear
  • Books
  • Home electronics
  • Cosmetics, skincare & hair care
  • CDs, films & DVDs

It's like flying the French flag online.

Could it be the art or the wine? Or maybe it's France's extraordinary natural variety that brings millions of tourists flocking every year. Whatever it is, France is the most-visited country in the world and the world’s top skiing destination.

Whether you run a resort, restaurant or tour service, a .fr domain will lead tourists to your door. Using it for your web address will set your website apart, identifying it as uniquely French. It's magnificent for:

  • Hotels, resorts & holiday cottages
  • Hostels & campsites
  • Tour operators
  • Travel agencies & tour guides
  • Vineyards
  • Galleries, theatres & museums
  • Memorials & historic sites
  • Festivals

But you don't have to work in tourism to register .fr. This domain is open to anyone who loves this beautiful country.