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Add domains or websites in Windows Hosting

You can add domain names to any type of hosting account. However, what you can do with additional domain names depends on the type of hosting account you have. For more information, see What type of hosting account do I have?

SecondarySecondary domains have websites that work independently of the primary domain's hosted in separate folders. For more information, see .

Available with Deluxe, Premium, Unlimited, and Ultimate accounts.

While we offer unlimited secondary domains on our Deluxe, Premium, Unlimited, and Ultimate shared hosting accounts, we do not recommend using shared hosting for more than ten websites. Doing so taxes the server resources and hinders performance.

AliasesAlias domains display the primary domain's website with a different domain name/URL.

Available with all accounts.
  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Click Web Hosting.
  3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage.
  4. Depending on how you want to configure the domain name, do one of the following:


  1. Click Add New Domain.
  2. Complete the following field, and then click OK:
    FieldWhat to do...
    Domain NameEnter the domain name you want to use.
    Hosting typeSelect the type of hosting you want to create. If you want to host a website for this domain, select Website hosting.
    Document RootEnter the name of a directory you want to create in the home directory. You'll upload the New Domain Name's files to this directory to make its website display.
    Preferred DomainSelect if you want to automatically redirect visitors to your website with or without the "www" appended to the beginning of the URL.


  1. Click Add New Domain Alias.
  2. Complete the following fields, and then click OK:
    FieldWhat to do...
    Domain alias nameEnter the domain name you want to add.
    for the domainSelect the domain hosted on the account you want the alias to load.
    Mail serviceThis option is inactive in our environment.
    Web serviceSelect this option.
    Redirect...Select this option if you plan for the alias to be permanent.

What's next?

For the domain name to access the hosting account, you must update its DNS. If the domain name and hosting are in...

Same GoDaddy AccountWe automatically update the domain name's DNS. You don't need to do anything!
Different GoDaddy AccountsYou need to manually update the DNS. For more information, see .
Registered elsewhereYou'll need to update your domain's nameservers. For more information, see Edit my domain nameservers.

To find product information, please see our web hosting page.

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